Visual Studio 2015, Mac OS and F12 (F11) not working

I’ve recently downloaded the new VisualStudio 2015 community edition on my MacBookPro and started enjoying all new features. I’m using Parallels virtual software to host my Windows 10.

Both Win 10 and VS2015 are a really nice piece of software to use, but I found one very annoying problem – F12 did not work. I assume that you are a software developer – you know how often we are using F12, and I needed to right-click -> find declaration a lot.

I knew that this is not VisualStudio problem and that most probably is some setting in my MacOS, so I’ve started digging.

First in MacOS:

under Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard > 
check "Use all F1,F2,etc. as standart function keys"


That disabled the usual Sound, brightness, etc. functionality on my Mac book pro but that’s OK with me – pressing fn +F1… will give me that back. This setting helped for most of the F keys but not for F11, F12.

After digging more, I found:

Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > 
uncheck: Show Desktop and Show Dashboard


unchecking them solved my problem.

Now all my windows working habits are usable in my OSX.

I hope this saves you time.

P.S. As you probably noticed this will work for any version of visual studio or any software that uses F11, F12.

Visual Studio 2015, Mac OS and F12 (F11) not working